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Pi Beta Phi
Elementary School

125 Cherokee Orchard Rd.
Gatlinburg, TN 37738
865-436-5076 Office      865-436-9494 fax

"Building a foundation for life-long learning and stewardship"

Pi Beta Phi
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Six Weeks Grading Periods
Ending Dates
1st six weeks
September 25
2nd six weeks
November 4
3rd six weeks
December 21
4th six weeks
February 22
5th six weeks
April 13
6th six weeks
May 31

Grade Card Distribution
1st six weeks -October 5
2nd six weeks - November 13
3rd six weeks - January 13
4th six weeks-
March 2
5th six weeks -
April 21
6th six weeks - May 31

Pi Beta Phi History

     In 1912, Pi Beta Phi, a national college sorority, founded a small one-room school at the junction of Baskins Creek and the Little Pigeon River, near where the Arrowmont Craft Shop now stands. This school, though simple in its beginnings, was an attempt to give the proud mountain people of this area something better than the three-month school that had been available. The new school opened with an attendance of 13 children and closed with 33. The community, which the school served, numbered 500-600 people, a majority of whom were children. At that time, Gatlinburg, the center of this community, was a hamlet of a dozen houses, a blacksmith shop, a Baptist church, and the little schoolhouse.
      The new school quickly outgrew its quarters. In 1913, Pi Beta Phi, with the help of local citizens, purchased a larger tract of land in Gatlinburg, and a new school was opened in 1914. By the end of the
year, over 134 pupils were in attendance at the Pi Beta Phi Settlement School.
      During the 1940's, the county gradually took over the administration of the school, constructing a new building for the elementary grades in 1949-50. In 1963, high school classes were moved to Gatlinburg-Pittman. Then, between 1966 and 1968, the present facilities were built or remodeled. By 1966, the fraternity had withdrawn its financial support for the school; however, it deeded the land on which the new school was built to Sevier County and issued a long-term lease for the playground at one dollar a year.
      Negotiations with the fraternity were successfully concluded to extend the lease far into the future, ensuring the place, both literally and figuratively, of Pi Beta Phi Elementary School in the heart of Gatlinburg for many years to come.

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Belief Statement

*We believe the instruction of each child is the shared responsibility of the student, school, family, caregiver, and community.

*We believe school should be safe, nurturing and accepting of all students to allow the opportunity for maximum growth.

*We believe that they school should be sensitive to the needs of all stakeholders in creating the learning environment and policies that support it.

*We believe that students should learn to understand and respect the rights and responsibilities of being an American citizen.

*We believe tht appropriate assessments are necessary to meet the physical, emotional, academic and social needs of every student.

*We believe that effective decisions-making skills are essential for the lifelong well-being of all students.

*We believe each student is responsible for learning, attendance, and atitude and that this personal responsibility is the foundation for assuming the stewardship of our community and environment.

Parent/Teacher Conferences
3:15pm to 5:15pm
September 10
November 12
January 28
March 3
April 31