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The Sevier County School System intends to submit an application for a 2017 LEAPS (Lottery for Education Afterschool Program grant.   Waiver requests, if applicable, will be available for public review after submission of the application on April 7, 2017 upon request. Information regarding the LEAPS program can be found at

Thank you from Pi Beta Phi 

Please accept my sincere appreciation to the individuals and organizations that have reached out to Pi Beta Phi Elementary and our Gatlinburg school community with assistance, care, and love.  Each one of you may never realize the impact your prayers, donations, and acts of kindness can make in the life of our students and fellow staff members. You may never know the sense of peace you brought to the mind, heart, and soul of a child or a Pi Beta Phi staff member by simply helping meet a basic need - the need to feel safe and loved; however, I did see how your act of kindness impacted our school family.  

Because of the Gatlinburg Police Department, our school resource officer Pat Myers, and the Sevier County School System’s Transportation Department bus drivers, all of our students and staff members were able to evacuate the school safely and in a timely manner on a day an unfortunate travesty left a lasting impression upon my heart that no words could ever encompass. 

I am grateful for the assistance and support that Lori Moore, General Manager of Rocky Top, and the Rocky Top staff exhibited for our students. 

To the Gatlinburg Fire Department and all other unsung heroes that courageously battled the fire storm, I thank you for saving Pi Beta Phi Elementary School which is home to 509 school children. 

The outreach and direct support from the Sevier County School System and school system employees across the county, the Boys and Girls Club of Gatlinburg, the City Manager of Pittman Center Charles Collum, Mike Voncannon, Pittman Center Chief of Police, Rob Younger, Director of the Sevier County School System’s Environmental Center, and the residents of the Pittman Center Community has enabled our Pi Beta Phi school family to have a temporary place we now call home. 

Thank you to all the people that assisted in the Pi Beta Phi Christmas Project, facilitated by Rachel Bogart Reagan; as well as the Pi Beta Phi PTA President, Lara Bogart Phillips; Carrie Williams, PBP School Counselor; and volunteers, such as: Amy Anderson, Suzanne DeSear, Cindy Morgan, and Tracy Kihlberg.  Each of you, as well as several others, have played an intricate part in our school family’s healing process. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016, was the first day back to school for Pi Beta Phi students since the devastating day the school evacuated on November 28, 2016, due to the smoke produced from the wildfires.  Many students and faculty members arrived at our temporary locations uncertain, frail and grieving for lost classmates, lost homes, and temporary loss of the safe place they knew as school.   

The climate quickly changed when students saw their beautifully decorated rooms and nurturing environment that volunteers and teachers from across our Sevier County Community, alongside the Sevier County School System Maintenance Department, had miraculously transformed in less than a week.  Because of their effort and hard work, as well as the kind donations of inspirational cards, handmade Christmas Ornaments, and school supplies from numerous school age children across the United States, and the donations given to the Pi Beta Phi PTA fund, our students and staff were provided items that made them feel secure, safe, and loved.  The sound of children and staff members laughing was the music I think everyone in our building was longing to hear, for it was a sign to us everything will all be okay because of love. 

The next 13 school days prior to Christmas break were the most unfathomable, outpouring experiences of human compassion and unconditional love in the midst of terrible chaos that I have ever witnessed; for in that brief moment of time, there was no bullying, no discrimination, no racism, no hatred.  Rather, in that brief moment, out of the ashes, rose a ministry of love that carried our Pi Beta Phi school family.  

We grieve for the loss of two precious little girls, Chloe and Lily Reed, and their sweet mother, Constance.  Chloe and Lily remain in the hearts and memories of their classmates as well as our faculty and staff. 

We continue to stand strong as a school family.  We embrace our strong leadership of our City Mayor, Mike Werner and hold fast to his words that “We’re going to be okay because we’re Mountain Tough and have a strong faith in God.” 

We are resilient, we are “Mountain Tough,” and we are Pi Beta Phi of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

  Forever grateful,

 Carey Woods, Principal of Pi Beta Phi Elementary School 


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